If you had asked me a few years ago what my thoughts were on ebooks and kindle books i probably would have gone on a twenty minute rant about how physical books are so much better.  Since then I have discovered how spectacular ebooks are.  I mean as a practically broke young adult still living at home with only three bookshelves and six small cubicle shelves I’m actually limited with how many books I can have.  I mean it’s mostly the money thing… I would be fine to stack books to my ceiling (and I have a pretty high ceiling). Anyway, basically Kindle books are cheaper and easier to access.  In the past two years (which was about the time when I downloaded the app onto my android phone, BEST DECISION I EVER MADE) I’ve bought 369 Kindle books, and over the two years I spent at college (grade eleven and twelve) I collected 97 PDF file books on my computer (bought them from websites other than Amazon or was sent them).  So I’ve clearly come to appreciate the gift that is digitized books.  And while I still love the physical book I tend to prefer to READ the book on my Kindle then buy the book if I liked it and never touch it so it stays pretty and untouched. Which sounds ridiculous and actually makes me spending what limited money I have on physical books seem really pointless… Not like that is going to stop me.. And of course in declaring my love for ebooks it’s important to note that I still have about 150+ physical fiction books on my shelves and I’m expecting plenty more now that I’ve actually stopped spending so much money on food.


The main benefit I find of the ebook is it’s accessibility, when I was on holiday earlier this year I knew I was going to struggle since I could only pack two books in my carry on luggage since my mum and I were basically training it around Europe. My social anxiety made it so when we were on the Mediterranean cruise I had no interest in going to the events or socialising with any of the other guests and when my parents and I were on a narrowboat in the English countryside canals, so my phone became my lifeline, I think I read 37 books over that two month period alone.  I think that’s when my respect for the app really came into fruition.  Since coming back I’ve almost solely relied on my kindle for reading as apposed to my books. The downsides are of course I’m spending 99c three times a day on books and I keep getting headaches from staring at screens too long, which is why I’m glad it’s Spring and Summer’s coming soon enough because then I can go outside and to the beach and because my phone would get glare I’ll have to read my actual books.  Plus I can get a tan while fangirling, bonus!

Anyway, I’ll start working on some posts about the books I’ve been reading, what’s in my TBR pile and maybe even some reviews (haven’t written one since I finished high school/college so I may be rusty!)



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