Hey guys, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?  And by awhile I mean I just looked at my old bio on this account and it said I was 16!  Sixteen, that was so long ago, here I am just a few short months away from nineteen.  But anyway, onto other more important book related things! Basically I’ve been really anxious about my other blog (thebeccatheory.blogger.com.au) because I promised to post a holiday post (I went on a two month holiday overseas and read a lot) but I’ve been too anxious to write it and therefore now I’m just to anxious to write anything over there.  But that anxiety has fueled my reading!  And here I am, probably making another false promise, hopefully starting my book blog up again.  When I said I’ve been reading a lot I’m not kidding, I’ve read 97 books so far this year and it’s only September.  But running a book blog is about more than just reading the books, it’s about having the ability to write what I learnt, thought and disliked about the books I’ve read.  It’s about fangirling about upcoming books and new authors.  So while it may take me a while to get back into the flow of things I’m hoping to reestablish my existence as a book blogger, cause honestly my friends (all two of them) are sick of hearing me talk about books.  Mostly because one of them is likely planning on reading the books I’ve already read and the other is too busy to read any of the books I bring up.

Now a warning, I am an adult now, and my tastes in books has matured (that’s not to say they’re necessarily good authors, just that there’s more smut in them now) so some of the reviews I do, some of the books I get excited about won’t always be nice sweet teen novels.  Most will be YA’s and NA’s as that is my preference.  And I can almost guarantee that there are a lot of hot muscular guys with tattoos and alpha personalities.  So welcome to the new age of The Troubles And Woes Of A Bookworm.



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