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Book Talk: Subscription Boxes (Old)

(This is outdated and I will be posting an updated version soon)

Okay, so I recently discovered something really cool, and I may be a bit late in this, but I wanted to share it with you anyway because it’s such a fantastic idea!

As the title suggests this post is about Book Subscription Boxes. But what exactly is a book subscription? Well basically each month (or quarterly) the respective company ships a box to you packed full of great items.  With the book boxes this usually means book merchandise, sometimes hand-made by small businesses (usually Etsy), maybe a t-shirt and with most you usually get a book or three!  Pretty cool right, they can be expensive and unfortunately only a few ship to Australia and other countries that aren’t America and Canada [EDIT: Actually quite a few ship internationally, it’s just hella expensive.].  I’ll like a few videos below to show what each different box has and I’ll include the links to the Book Subscription Boxes I know about.  Also, there are heaps of other Subscription Box options, from kids toys, to make-up and lingerie.  It’s just such a smart idea!


(US and Canada only)


(Ships Internationally)

The Book(-ish) Box

(Ships Internationally)

This is actually the one I ordered, it doesn’t actually come with a book, but it’s pretty cool! When mine arrives I’ll do a review.


(US and Canada)

Fox Things


Book Riot YA

(Internationally) – This is a quarterly subscription, which means every 3 months.

I’ll be ordering this one when I get paid in the next few days!

Book Riot

(Internationally) – Again, quarterly.

The Book Drop


The Bookworm Box


My Bookcase





The YA Chronicles

(Internationally) – No video available but you can check out their Instagram @theyachronicles

Well that’s the cost of them, comment below if you know any others.  I haven’t included any prices because it varies from country to country and so on.  I’m not sponsored for any of this, obviously, but I will be testing all of them that ship to Australia.  So I’ll do posts as that occurs.  I just think this is such a great idea and a fun way to discover new books.  If you have subscribed to any of these I would love to hear your comments and if you decide to subscribe to one of them then that’s really cool too!

If you love the idea of a Subscription Box why not check out what else is available over at My Subscription Addiction.

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