Book Talk

Book Talk: Series’ I Won’t Be Reading/Finishing

Okay, so there are so many amazing series in existence and so many amazing books I’ve read but let’s be real, there will always be books we’re hesitant to read.  Especially when we’ve heard something that makes us uncertain whether to pick up the last (or last few books).  So here’s my list of those… Continue reading Book Talk: Series’ I Won’t Be Reading/Finishing

Holiday Specials

Christmas Special: Book Suggestions

Some Christmassy book suggestions for the silly season!   A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens A classic, I haven’t read it (sorry!), but it’s one that I highly suggest for this season. Amazon Kindle: *FREE* The Nutcracker by E.T.A Hoffman Okay, again I haven’t read this one but ever since I saw the classic ballet… Continue reading Christmas Special: Book Suggestions