TV First Impression: Shadowhunters




That’s right, our favorite Nephilim are officially back in an all new reboot TV series and it is AWESOME!

I’ll start out by saying that I’ll only be reviewing the first two episodes (as they’re all that are out, the third episode airs on the 26/27th of January) and I won’t be reviewing this TV series again until Season 1 has finished.


So where to start on this review? The cast?  I love the cast, I personally think Katherine McNamara (Clary) is perfect for the role, I can’t explain it but she just is perfect for the role.  I love that her hair is lighter, it makes me think that the angelic power had an influence on it, her voice is melodic and so far she seems like an amazing actress.  I’ve seen Kat in Contest (an anti-bullying movie) and thought she was lovely so I’m excited to see her play such a wonderful character.


Dominic Sherwood (Jace) is another case of perfect casting in my opinion.  Not only is he super hot, but he has those cool eyes (sectoral heterochromia) that just make Jace seem that much more unusual (even if it doesn’t follow the gold eyes from the books, I think everyone is cool with this change).  Dom so far seems like a good actor, the only concern I have is that they are making him reveal way too much about himself too fast (I’ll get back to this point a bit later).

Alberto Rosende (Simon) is great so far, he’s the perfect combination of hot nerd as Izzy said.  I love him as Simon, I really do, but I think I’m still stuck with Robert Sheehan as Simon in my head.  That’s probably because he’s the only actor of the movie cast that I thought fitted the role perfectly but whatever the reason may be rest assured that now Simon’s major plot point of the first book has been established and initiated I have no doubt that I’ll fall in love with Alberto as Simon.  He fits the role of the funny friend perfectly with enough room for him to grow into the character he becomes, I love his script the most so far.  


That leads me on to Simon’s other better half (because as we all know Simon has two leading ladies) Emeraude Toubia (Izzy).  So far I think she fits the bill, my only issues with her are due to the script and not Emeraude personally.  She’s sexy and sensual, maybe a little bit too much for how old she’s MEANT to be, but it works.  I think the breakfast scene was a little too much too early on for her and Simon but I can’t wait to see more of that relationship grow.  I think she’s great and I can’t wait to see more of her.  Also I’m super excited because her bracelet is exactly how I imagined it!


And of course we can’t forget Izzy’s brother and Jace’s Parabatai Alec played by Matthew Daddario, now some of you may recognise his last name and maybe even some of his facial features, and you may be asking why, I did.  It’s because his sister, Alexandra Daddario is also an actress and actually played Annabeth in the two Percy Jackson book to movie adaptions.  So apparently it runs in the family, which is great because just like Alex I thought Matthew has done a great job of becoming his character (that’s not to say the movies were any good).  Alec is one of those characters that you find hard to like at first, all because of his big secret.  But I think Matthew has done a great job of making him a stickler for following the rules and still somewhat likable. I really like how they were able to include the ‘little girl’ bit in this adaption, I still have some concerns that maybe he isn’t being harsh enough on Clary like he was in the books but I’m sure there is more time for that to happen.  Plus I don’t think book wise they’ve happened yet, but I really hope he gives the role justice.  Plus again, HOT.

Now to Alec’s better half, although this could be counted as a spoiler? Magnus Bane is being portrayed by Harry Shum Jr. who is probably most well known for his role on Glee, but whatever, so far I love him as the High Warlock of Brooklyn and I seriously can’t wait for Magnus to meet Alec.  So far I think Harry has done a great job with the role, though Magnus hasn’t had much to do with the story as of yet I’m sure it’ll he amazing (just like Malec will be amazing!).


And that sums up our major cast, though Luke does have a more prominent role in this series than he did in the first book from my recollection but whatever.


I personally really like this series, I think it’s a much better interpretation than the movie was.  While I do think some of the special effects and stunts are a little too ‘fake’ I can deal with that because it still looks cool visually.  I am concerned that they may be progressing the story a little too fast, I know they have 13 episodes filmed for season one and I have a theory that season one is City of Bones but I would still prefer if things could be revealed at the same point in the TV series as they were in the books but I can live with it.  I think the actors have been doing a great job so far, the story is working well and the Silent Brothers were sufficiently creepy.  I’m excited to see the next eleven episodes and I definitely hope that we get a full series following the other books – if for nothing else than to ensure people don’t think this series advocates incest.  Cause that would be bad.  That actually brings me to my next point; I am really not looking forward to the point where they discover they’re ‘related’ because even though I know the truth it’s still creepy and makes all previous romantic moments awkward and distasteful.


Anyway, so there’s my ‘review’ so far, more like my cast and character thoughts, I’m obviously very excited for all the character to end up with their respective others, and to see how the producers have decided to do this interpretation. I highly suggest everyone watches this series, I mean it’s on Freeform apparently (I don’t think we have Shadowhunters on TV in Australia yet so maybe that’s just you American’s?) and Netflix so totally accessible.


Plus the song from the first episode in from Pandemonium is so catchy, I’ve been listening to it on repeat.  Monsters by Ruelle


Also as a side note I totally have to re-read The Mortal Instruments, and read every other book Cassie has released since there are so many more coming out in the near future and so much has come out in the past few months.


Have YOU seen Shadowhunters yet?

What do YOU think of it so far?

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Please note, as usual, I have no proofread or edited this review. 

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