Book Review: Reawakened by Colleen Houck



Book Title: Reawakened

Author: Colleen Houck

Point of View: Single ( Lilliana Young) 

Writing Style: First Person 

Setting: New York and Egypt 

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Mythology/Paranormal Romance

HEA: I actually honestly can’t tell.. Like it could be called a HEA (it’s the first in a series)?

Additional Content: I highly recommend this book to fans of Rick Riordan or modern mythology stories in general.

(Potential Spoilers Ahead!)

This book was a random pick up while on holiday.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not but thought the premise sounded interesting, I had never heard of it until I saw it sitting all pretty there on the shelf.  Later that night I decided to just read the first few pages, see if I actually liked the writing style, fast forward about five hours and I’m a mess of uncontrollable emotions.

I loved this book, it was such a unique modern mythological story and was honestly not at all what I expected in the most marvelous way.  Amon is the love interest and he is honestly such a darling, I mean he has his downsides like dying and being reawakened every thousand years, but semantics am I right?  He said some of the sweetest things to Lily and it honestly makes my heart melt even now looking back.  While I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t want him as my beau he was pretty sweet in the fictional sense.

“The truth is, if I could bottle your water-lily scent and carry it with me as I wandered the desert, even if I was sick from the sun and dying from thirst, only to be saved by a desert sheikh who wished to barter for it, and even should the trading of it save my life, I would not part with it for all the jewels, silks, and precious riches of Egypt and all the lands surrounding it. So to say your scent is pleasant to me is an understatement most villainous.”

Lily was a badass, not necessarily at first, but she grew as the story progressed (as you’d hope such a protagonist would in an adventure novel) and eventually made difficult choices to protect the man she loved even at the possible end of her own life.  She was a really great character and I found that I sat imagining her and Amon’s lives and cute little babies and happiness when I finished the story (after making sure there would be a sequel to resolve basically everything to make it possible for them to be together).

“I mean, realistically, what was I expecting here? A sarcophagus built for two?”

I found I enjoyed all the characters in this story and I only wish that it would be possible for everyone to be together and happy in the end but I know ‘realistically’ that because of the brothers duties that won’t be possible – but it’s still a nice thought?

Houck’s writing style is easy to understand, it appears to well researched and the story is easy to grasp.  While it isn’t as educational as say Rick Riordans writings, I still feel it taught me more about Egyptian mummification and other similar aspects of Egyptian culture or mythology.

I can’t wait until the sequel to Reawakened, I’m eager to see how Houck will bring the two lovers back together and the repercussions of the Heart Beetle not being with Amon in the afterlife during judgment.  Now for further enjoyment, because Amon is super sweet, and as added incentive to make you want to read this book enjoy the following quotes that are in no particular order.

“Lily, I can honestly tell you that i have never in my long life come across a creature as beguilinig as you. You are as fresh and as lovely as a budding flower by the dew of a golden morning. I breathe you in and am filled with the taste of sunshine, life, and hope. You are much more than beautiful. You are…temptation personified.”

“As the days and the years of your life go by, I will keep watch over you, and when your blossom closes its petals, finally surrendering to the night, I will meet you at the dawn of your new existence and I will be your new guide in the afterlife.”

“Amon murmured against my neck, “You taste like melted desert honey.”

A desert lily need not turn jealous eyes toward the common violet.”



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