Book Talk

Book Talk: Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. When the covers to a book series change halfway through. Or at the last book.
  2. When people spoil books for me.
  3. When there isn’t a HEA.
  4. How not all paperbacks are the same height.  Same with Hardcovers.  It makes bookshelves look so messy.
  5. How some authors/publishers think trilogies are cool so they make books that would be perfectly fine as stand alones trilogies.
  6. How much battery the Kindle app uses up on my phone.
  7. When people question my book reading choices.
  8. When hyped books get too much hype and just don’t equal up…
  9. When a blurb basically tells you the entire plot line in a few sentences.
  10. That it isn’t a ‘normal’ thing for books to be released as hardcovers in Australia.  We just get the paperbacks.  Usually UK covers too.
  11. Why is it a thing that bookish people MUST love coffee or tea.  I like hot chocolate.  Why isn’t that a thing?  Or books and lemonade?
  12. When you lend a book to someone (I literally only lend books to two people) and you don’t get them back for months on end…. It makes my bookshelf family miss them.
  13. When not all the books in a series are available in hardcover.
  14. Bind Up Books.  I works for Novellas, but I hate it for actual full length novels.
  15. When protagonists are described as ‘strong’ characters but basically winge the entire book and need to be saved ALL THE TIME.
  16. Absent Parent Syndrome.
  17. Spending too long on descriptions of locations etc.. When it isn’t necessary or the characters are only in said location once for a short time.
  18. When an ‘ordinary’ girl gets all the boys attention.  Like all of them..
  19. How so many characters begin to have the same appearance especially in YA.
  20. Pointless love triangles.
  21. Love triangles really..
  22. Abusive actions made to be romantic.
  23. Smirking. – Yet I still love it when the love interests do it…..
  24. Disabilities being miraculously fixed by books end.  Unless it’s a story about overcoming it and the end is determined by the fact that they’ve overcome said disability, otherwise no.
  25. Multiple POVs with the same voice.
  26. Series’ that seem to draaaag onn forreevveerrr.
  27. “You’re not like other girls.” – Stop yes she is, there are millions of girls like her in the world.  Just because you’re close minded and have never encountered a regular girl because you’re so busy chasing ‘the pretties’ doesn’t mean she’s some unique thing.
  28. Whimpy protags.
  29. Bad punctuation, grammar and overall editing.
  30. Bad plot lines.
  31. Really dumb protags, THE ANSWER IS GLARING AT YOU IN THE FACE!
  32. Ugly books covers.  Say what you will, but I usually do judge a book by its cover.
  33. On that note; movie tie in editions.  I hate books that have movie covers.
  34. Hurting books.  Dog earing, writing on, creasing pages, whatever.  NO.
  35. Constantly bringing up parts of appearances.  “Her long blonde hair..” “His striking grey eyes..” etc..
  36. Unexplained skills the Protag shouldn’t have that save the day.
  37. When people interrupt my reading.  CAN’T YOU SEE I’M AN EMOTIONAL MESS?
  38. When the only motivation for the protag is fate/destiny.
  39. REALLY small print.
  40. When some books are only paperback/hardocerv but then other books in the series are only ebooks.


Remember these are just my opinions.

What are YOUR bookish pet peeves?

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