Review: Behind The Pages Book Boyfriend Soap

So incase you missed it, @BehindThe_Pages have recently released a range of soaps that they’re calling Book Boyfriend soaps (you can check out their Etsy page HERE) and I was super pumped for this, not only is this a genius idea (who doesn’t want to smell like their Book Boyfriend?) but super creative and exciting! It was a hard decision when it came to choosing which soap I would buy, should I have gone for a scent I liked, or a character I love?  I chose character and since I haven’t fully read any of the other series’ that have soaps I was left with but one choice.  Rhysand.  Not that this is a bad choice, he’s currently up their with my favorite ships, but I would be nice in the future to have a few more options? (EDIT: She’s released more options for the Book Boyfriend Soaps!)


Here are the SOAPS

Throne Of Glass: Rowan

Scotch Pine and Snow scented.

Shatter Me Trilogy: Warner

Peppermint, Gardenia and Honeysuckle scented.

The Grisha Trilogy: The Darkling

Musk and Spice scented with Activated Charcoal.

The Wrath and the Dawn: Khalid 

Sandalwood and Sunset scented with Ground Walnuts.

Witchlanders: Merik

Driftwood Musk and Mountain Wood scented with Crushed Sea Salt.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses: Rhysand

Citrus and Jasmine scented with Activated Charcoal and Cosmetic GLITTER.

(Okay, so I have an update; because I write my posts in advance since writing this post there have been EIGHT new soaps released! So here they are too!)

The Infernal Devices: Will

Campfire and Rain scented with Activated Charcoal.

The Infernal Devices: Jem

Campfire and Burnt Sugar scented with Natural Australian White Clay.

The Dark Artifices: Julian

Cloves, Sandalwood and Ocean scented with Activated Charcoal and Crushed Sea Salt.

The Vampire Academy: Dimitri

Leather, Aftershave and Scotch Pine scented with Activated Charcoal.

An Ember In The Ashes: Elias

Spice and Rain scented.

The Raven Cycle: Gansey

Leather, Lime, Mint and Peppermint scented.

The Raven Cycle: Adam

Sunset and Shampoo scented with Natural Australian Olive Green Clay.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and The Heroes of Olympus): Percy 

Ocean Air scented with Crushed Sea Salt


Okay so it looks and smells amazing, I will say that I normally don’t like floral scents (especially lavender and jasmine) and they can sometimes give me headaches, but the scent in this soap is subtle and I actually really enjoy it (and it hasn’t given me a headache yet!). The citrus makes it smell sweeter and fresher and I really like that. I can’t quite remember what Rhysand smells like (according to the book anyway) but I think this is basically the gist of it.   It’s very glittery but on the Etsy page it says that this doesn’t stick to your body, the exact words are ‘think sparkly shower water‘.  It’s also a very oily product as well and since I have extremely acne prone skin and I don’t like putting things I don’t know my skins reaction to on my skin I won’t be using this product in the shower but instead just as a hand soap. Once I’ve used it I’ll have a better idea on how my skin would react to it on a full body scale and I’ll decide what to do from there (if I wasn’t going to a wedding in a few days/weeks I wouldn’t care either way but I would hate to rock up to the wedding with my shoulders out and covered in spots).  I’m excited to try it and see if it makes my skin soft or it does that gross cheap soap thing where your skin feels dry and tacky… It’s made of goat’s milk and shea butter so I think it’ll be a good reaction.



Handwash: So first things first, I can see this product is better used in the shower as it does have a darker colour too it and if I didn’t clean my basin it might have left a few water stains.  But that’s fine since I’m fairly certain it’s more of an ‘in shower’ product anyway.  When I first started using it I was worried it was going to leave my skin dry as many ‘cheap’ (just using it as a comparison) soaps tend to.  My skin just didn’t feel as smooth after rinsing as it does with liquid soap (which is what I usually use) but after I dried my hands they were super soft and not oily at all which was my initial worry when it came to using it in the shower.  Not only did it leave my skin feeling soft, it smells amazing and the glitter really does wash away easily (unlike normal glitter which sticks around for years no matter how hard you try).  So I’ll definitely be trying in in the shower tonight and I’ll give my thoughts again afterwards.  I think using the lighter coloured soaps would be a better choice for out of shower use.  It applied easily, both straight onto my hands and onto a face washer and the glitter also washed easily out of the face washer so that was great.  It lathered well too.  I think my only ‘complaint’ is I don’t fully understand how to ‘drain’ a soap?  And that has less to do with the product and more to do with my non-knowledge of soap care.

Shower: Okay, so the colour definitely runs a lot in the shower.  Make sure you clean the part where you put the soap before getting out of the shower to avoid stains, just the water will work fine.  I used it in the shower by rubbing the soap on my loofah (to reach my back and legs because I’m lazy and it’s got a long handle so I don’t have to bend over) and just plain old soap to skin (I couldn’t find where I put my face washer) and while it foamed up well on the loofah it didn’t foam up when applied straight to my skin, but I think that’s normal for bar soaps? My skin is usually softer from using my liquid soap but my skin doesn’t feel dry or tacky so that’s good.  Using it all over my body did make the smell a bit more prominent and I will admit that its causing me to get a headache (though that’s my own fault for choosing one with jasmine in it).  I think it did a pretty good job of cleaning me, but it’s not like I had just run a marathon or played in the mud.  The smell does linger after rinsing, typically this is good but as we’ve discussed allergies, so you can go on smelling nice for quite a while! I will admit I might not have rinsed as well as I should have since I did find one or two speckles of glitter, but I was in a bit of a rush so again, my own fault. Also I can’t really smell the citrus when I used it in the shower, but I did when I hand washed.

Final Thoughts:

I really did enjoy this product, with the exception of the Jasmine (which is no fault of the product but of my choice) I found it to be great! I’ll probably only use this one as a hand soap, but with the other scents I’d be fine to use them in shower.  I highly recommend this product to those of you that can afford it, so find a scent (or Book Boyfriend) you like and enjoy smelling like your #BAE.  Still not sure how you ‘drain’ a soap?  I’ve put it on a used facial cleansing wipe just so it doesn’t stain my counters, but is it like.. Putting it on a soap table/holder/thing?

Which one would I buy next?

Probably the Merik one, I haven’t read the Witchlanders series (to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it) but the scent sounds more like something I’d like so I’ll for sure be buying this the next time I have $17 (AUD with Shipping) to spare!

(After the release of the new soaps I have a few more I’d like to buy)

Since Percy is #bae I’ll for sure be buying his.  Scent wise I’m loving the sound of Gansey and Dimitris! They both sound so good! (I’ll probably bypass a book of months or something and just buy all four that I like the sound of at once. Cause all together – including shipping – it’s $50 AUD)

Be sure to check out @BehindThe_Pages Etsy store, they have some awesome bookmarks, soaps and some other fun bookish items available!

Which Book Boyfriend Soap would YOU buy?

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3 thoughts on “Review: Behind The Pages Book Boyfriend Soap

  1. Im so happy you like the soap (even though the Jasmine is too strong for you) and did you notice the sparkly shower water!!! 💚 Basically, draining the soap is going to your local store that sells pretty much everything (I think you guys have Target too there?) And they should have soap holders (they’ll have the grooves on the bottom so that the soap doesn’t sit flat on the dish. Also, the colouring is Water Solouble so it won’t stain or anything like that. If it does become a little hard to get off then warm/hot water will do the trick 😀 Final thing, the ‘oily’ part of the soap is glycerine which is a fantastic for oily skin and is used in most oily skin products (my skin is the same and its super sensitive too). Basically, it only does that oily looking thing because the air lock was broken during transit haha. I’m not really a minty person, but Gansey does smell really nice and I absolutely love Merik’s. Now if only I could find another courier with cheaper shipping 😥

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    1. I’ll get one from Kmart when I go shopping tomorrow! 🙂 I did notice the sparkly shower water! I’m not going to lie, as someone with ADHD I spent a crazy amount of time making it and watching it cause GLITTER! That’s great about the colouring not staining! I was worried because I still live at home and my parents would flip out if I got stains in my bathroom. That’s really interesting about the oily thing, I had no idea, thank you so much for commenting to clear these tid bits up! Yes, shipping is such a pain.. 😦 But I have a feeling they’ll last a while (well if I have five they will?) so it’s totally worth it! 😛 X


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