book haul

Mini Haul: Emma Hart

Literally just a small haul from Emma Hart’s website shop.




Sorry for it being out of focus, I was too lazy to re-take the photo once I realised it was out of focus.




This is actually my favorite thing to be included in my littler Swag Set! I nearly cried hen I saw it.


So there’s my little haul, I love The Holly Woods Files series by Emma Hart as I’m sure my followers would have noticed and when I discovered I could get the books personalized sighed AND swag on her website I couldn’t resist! I’ll be ordering some more stuff in the future (Book 1 and 5, a tote bag, some more swag and hopefully a mug) so I’ll make a Part Two when I get around to doing that. I absolutely love all of it and I’m so happy I decided it was a good investment.


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