Book Subscription Box Review: The Bookish Box

The Bookish Box: August Box ‘Fairy Tales’

Okay, so if you don’t know what a book subscription box then;

  1. Where have you been?
  2. Check out my blog post about them HERE.

The Bookish Box is a little bit different to most of the Book Subscription Boxes available, how so I hear you ask?  Well in most subscription boxes you’ll likely find a book but that’s not the case with The Bookish Box.  They don’t include books in their boxes, instead they feature a T-Shirt with a few other goodies that fit within the theme of the month.  For some that may not sound appealing since the book can be the best part.  But I actually really like this idea; there is literally no way you’ll end up disspointed with a book you didn’t want or a book you already have.  It’s a unique box in that regard, a book subscription service that doesn’t have books.  But fear not; the T-Shirt they include are made by Appraising Pages (the company that runs The Bookish Box) and they all feature a book quote from a book that fits the theme.  You can customise the type of shirt you order when you make your purchase (for an added cost) and select your size.  The quality of the products in this box are superb and I wasn’t disspointed.  Now for this review I actually won’t be doing an unboxing with it; it was extremely difficult to try and photograph some of the products and I just didn’t like how they turned out.  But I will be using a ‘collection’ photo and detailing what was in the box and my thoughts below.  So without furthur ado, here’s my The Bookish Box review.


A Court of Mist and Fury (by Sarah J. Maas) T-Shirt by Appraising Pages: Now there’s a little story to go along with this shirt.  See when I ordered my box I knew I didn’t like the cut of the generic shirt included in the box, so I paid a small additional price to get a V Neck style instead.  However I was being impatient and didn’t pay attention to what I was doing and even though my box has a large womens top I ended up ordering an extra small in the new style which basically overrode the sizing of the box. I contacted the company to ask if I made a mistake but because I was being impatient I didn’t clarify the full situation and I was told that my box did in fact have a large women’s.  So I eventually forgot about the sizing problem until the shirt showed up and it was in fact extra small. See that wouldn’t be so much of an issue if I didn’t have boobs and broad shoulders, so I contacted the company and this time I was able to explain the full situation.  They were so lovely about it and they sent me the shirt in a size that will fit me, their customer service is amazing and I am so thankful they were able to send me a new one because I really do love this shirt and I was so disappointed when I saw the size (tried it on anyway and basically suffocated my boobs) so 5 gold stars to their customer service! As for the shirt itself (now that I have one that fits me) I am so impressed, the quality of the fabric is awesome, the design is gorgeous and the colour is so vibrant and the design seems like it won’t fade in the wash which is awesome!

To the stars who listen – and the dreams that are answered.

Cinder (by Marissa Meyer) Inspired Mug by Evie Seo: I love Evie’s designs they’re always so lovely, so of course this mug is beautiful. It has a quote from Cinder on it within the shape of a shoe surrounded by flowers.

I would rather die because I betrayed them, than live because I betrayed you.

Beauty and the Beast Watercolor Bookmark by Lexy OliviaThis bookmark is stunning, I love the typography of it, and it’s not just plain white on the reverse side – the water colour is on both sides.

Disney Post-It Notes by Appraising PagesThese cute little sticky notes came with this box, unfortunately I spilled something on the corner of mine when I had them on my desk so there is a little mark on the corner.  But they’re so cute.  They’re mostly blank which leaves more room for the note but there’s a quote by Walt Disney on the bottom left hand corner and it just adds a little something special to each note.

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.

Peter Pan (by J.M Barrie) Necklace by The Bookish BoxExcluding the T-Shirt this necklace is my favorite thing in this box.  In fact I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever received in a book subscription box.  I adore it, all too often the jewelry included in these boxes is a little ‘tacky’ or bulky.  I prefer smaller, daintier pieces so this is perfect for me. It’s a small silver thimble and acorn.  Which if you’ve watched the movie or read the book you know each represent a secret kiss for Peter did not know what a kiss was and Wendy did not want to hurt his feelings so she gave him a thimble and in return he gave her an acorn.  I seriously love this necklace and I’ve already worn it a few times!



Final Thoughts:

I really like this box, for me personally it is a box out of my price range (shipping and currency exchange rates) and is one of those boxes I’ll only order when it’s a theme I think I’ll enjoy, and only if I happen to have money at that time. But the quality of the products is spectacular, as I said earlier their customer service is awesome and I just overall really enjoyed this box.  The packaging is lovely and the information card is clean, clear and precise.  I highly recommend this box to those that can afford it, it’s cool to walk around in a bookish T-Shirt, and for those who don’t have anxiety, meet new bookish friends or spark up a bookish conversation.  I understand that some people may prefer a box that comes with a book, but there are so many subscription services nowadays that I personally think it’s fresh to come across one that doesn’t feature an actual book.  They’ve actually started a second book subscription service called ‘Beaulitful Reads‘ which does feature a book as well as some other products to accompany it and when you subscribe you’re invited to join a book club made specifically for the box where you can talk book to people all over the world. So if you’re interested both sets of information will be included below.


You can order your The Bookish Box  HERE for $29.99 USD (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes you can click  HERE and HERE.  If you want a different style shirt click HERE to see the options available.

You can order your Beaulitful Reads box HERE for $24 USD (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes you can click HERE and HERE.


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The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.  This post is not sponsored I paid for the box myself.

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