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Bookish Birthday Wishlist

So this month is my birthday month (I turn 20!) and I wanted to share with you all some of the bookish things I’m hoping to receive!

(Not that I will receive any of them, but one can always hope.)


Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan


The Book Depository: Hardcover

Camp Half Blood Daughter of Athena Shirt


AlansGear: Camp Half Blood Shirt

In The Wick of Time Candles


In The Wick Of Time: Blue Chocolate Chip Cookies


In The Wick Of Time: We’re All Mad Here

Katy and Daemon (Obsidian) Magnetic Bookmarks


Magicbookmarks: Obsidian Magnetic Bookmarks


My Links:

Goodreads : Becca Winter

Instagram : becca_theory

Twitter : @Becca_Theory

Facebook : The Troubles And Woes Of A Bookworm




I’m going to add to this post throughout the coming year so my next Birthday Wishlist will have more products and stay up to date.

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