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Becca’s Birthday Book Haul

Hey guys, today I’ll be sharing with you all what I received and bought myself for my 20th birthday this year (which was on the 19th of November)! I actually bought most of these myself since no one actually buys me books or bookish stuff for my birthday.  I had some more books that were/are in the mail which I expected to arrive last week but that didn’t end up happening much to my dismay so I’ll include them in next month’s haul.


Winnie the Pooh: The Complete Collection of Stories and Poems

by A.A Milne


Okay, we all know Winnie-the-Pooh.  Growing up my dad used to read to me from one of these collection editions every night.  I loved that book.  But when we moved states it went missing.  Which is really sad.  I’ve been looking online for ages to try and find the same edition I had growing up but since it was traded in for a anniversary edition cover it was no longer in print.  BUT I FOUND IT, I found it through a second hand bookstore online from the UK and I’m so thankful that I did.  I cried when I received the package in the mail.


NIV: Beautiful Word Bible


Okay, I know this is a Bible, and I know not everyone cares so if you wish you can keep scrolling but I have a little story to tell.  On my birthday my mum and I drove to our closest major shopping city (one hour away) to check out the bookstores.  We went into Koorong (Christian bookstore) and were just browsing.  I kind of got bored after looking at all the books that interested me so I went into a section I rarely go into (because I have like three bibles); the bible section.  Immediately I was drawn to this edition.  There were brighter ones and bigger ones around it but I was drawn to this one.  As some Christians may know sometimes you just find the bible that is supposed to join you in your Christian journey.  I truly believe this is mine, for more than just the reason previously mentioned.  I have a verse, a verse I try to live by, a verse that’s been mine since I was about seven years old.  Proverbs 3:5-6.  Mum found a Bible that was in a box which made me think to take the dust jacket of the Bible I had selected and wouldn’t you believe it –


it had my verse on the cover.  I practically started crying in the bookstore and I’m thankful I didn’t because that would of made me super anxious.  But that is why I truly believe this is the Bible that will accompany me on my Christian journey.


The Book Depository: Hardcover NIV


The Best Bear in All The World

by Paul Bright, Brian Sibley, Jeanne Willis and Kate Saunders


Obviously I love Winnie-the-Pooh so I HAD to buy the authored sequel for the 90th anniversary that I believe just came out in October.

The Book Depository: Hardback


The Fault in Our Stars

by John Green


I’ve read this book.  I loved this book.  So I bought/splurged the hardcover exclusive collector’s edition.  Under the dust jacket there’s an embossed signature by John Green which is awesome! I’m so happy I was able to get a copy of this edition.

Barnes and Noble: Hardcover


Scapegoats, Shambles & Shibboleths

by Martin Manser



“In the twinkling of an eye,” this book explains that many familiar phrases are taken straight from the King James Version of the Bible 
The fruit of Martin Manser’s labors is a delightful book for all who adore the English Language. Far from always quoting the Bible to seem “holier than thou,” it seems many people quote the book without even realizing it. Manser explains in detail such commonly used phrases as “a fly in the ointment,” “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die,” “at death’s door,” and “the apple of one’s eye” — in the past the pupil of the eye, because of its shape, was referred to as “the apple.” Recognized to be the most important part of the eye, it was a symbol for all things precious – the most valuable part of a highly valued organ of the body. Dotted around the Bible, the phrase therefore represents anything that is of great worth, whether it is the law of God in Proverbs 7:2, the people of Israel found and nurtured in the desert, or an individual on the receiving end of Divine care. A perfectly quirky present for language lovers, this book will amuse and entertain as well as shed a thought-provoking light on the background to our rich and varied language.


The Art of Gratitude

by Meredith Gaston


This was just a cute little book with some really good points and such so I decided to buy it.


The Book Depository: Hardback


I also received two boxes of Lucky Charms, a marshmallow scented sugar scrub, a bean bag for my friends house (basically my own seat in their lounge room) and a wonderful breakfast at a chocolate factory with my best friend.  I feel very blessed for what I received for my birthday and for the things I was able to find and buy with my own funds.


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One thought on “Becca’s Birthday Book Haul

  1. That’s a pretty wonderful book haul!! That bible is absolutely gorgeous – definitely meant to be if it had your favourite verse on it ❤ And one can definitely never have enough Winnie the Pooh!!


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