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Bookmas Day 3: Bookish Present Recommendations

Need some inspiration on what to get your bookish bestie?  Look no further!


There are so many amazing bookish candle companies for you to explore.  They’re a great way to involve all your senses when reading and helps transport you into the world you’re reading about.

In The Wick of Time

The Melting Library

Novelly Yours

From The Page


Do your friends use a boring old receipt or scrap of paper to keep tabs of where they’re at when reading?  Why not gift them with a bookmark?  There are so many types and variations available nowadays – and bonus, they’re mostly a super affordable gift idea!


Bookish Buttons




The Sticker Alley



Behind The Pages




The Sticker Alley






What better way to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate then to share it with your love for reading?

Evie Seo


Bookish shirts are awesome, they’re a great way to show off your love for reading and/or a specific series and can spark conversations that lead to new bookish friendships!

Evie Seo

Appraising Pages

A Kindle

If you’ve got some extra change to spare, why not get them a Kindle?  Or if they already have a Kindle why not get them an Amazon gift card or look at Kindle covers?

A Book Subscription Box

Why not go all out and order your friend a Book Box?  There are so many companies that allow for Single Purchases nowadays so you don’t have to commit to regular payments, just a one time gift! It’s a great way to give them a new release and some awesome bookish goodies!  You can check out my subscription box reviews HERE! Or you can check out Cratejoy, an online marketplace for all things subscription boxes – and there is so much more than box subscription boxes available through there.  There is basically something for everyone.


You can’t go wrong with just a good old fashioned book. I suggest giving them YOUR favorite book with a note explaining why it’s your favorite.  That way you’re sharing something of yourself with your friend.  Also something AWESOME to keep in mind is that The Book Depository ships free WORLDWIDE.

So there you have it, some amazing bookish gift suggestions.  I’m not going to lie, you can literally type ‘Bookish’ into Etsy and you’ll find anything.  There are so many amazing things to try and buy not only for your friends but also for you!

If YOU have any suggestions be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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