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My 2017 Bookish Goals


It’s a new year and that means creating goals that may or may not be forgotten by February.  I have some personal goals but today I’m sharing my reading or bookish goals with you all!

  • Read more books.

If you didn’t know there’s this amazing website called Goodreads that lets you track what books you’ve read, their rating and has the option to set a reading goal for the year.  I love this feature and I’ve used it for the past few years. My goal for 2017 is 185 books.

  • Write more reviews. – I’ve written a lot of Subscription Box reviews this year, but not many book reviews.  This year I want to write more reviews; even if they’re just Twitter #CR reviews.
  • Sticky Note books. (This links in with 2. and 4. but I want to start sticky noting my books to help with my reviewing and tracking my favorite parts. Along with this I also want to start taking notes of important things as I read.)
  • Read more physical books instead of ebooks. If you’ve read all my wrap ups and hauls you will know I rarely pick up my physical books that I’ve bought because it’s easier to read them as ebooks.  However this is bad for my eyes, bad for my back -I lay in bed with a laptop on my stomach- and isn’t as easy for me to make notes or reviews.
  • Read outside more. (Even if it’s just outside of my bedroom)
  • Go to the library more.


My Links:

Goodreads : Becca Winter

Instagram : becca_theory

Twitter : @Becca_Theory

Facebook : The Troubles And Woes Of A Bookworm



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