Book Subscription Box Review: Hidden Gems Book Box

Hidden Gems Book Box: January Box

Okay, so if you don’t know what a book subscription box then;

  1. Where have you been?
  2. Check out my blog post about them HERE.

Hidden Gems is a new subscription service that is different in a very awesome way.  Almost all YA book subscription services release new YA books, but not Hidden Gems.  Hidden Gems focuses on YA books published within the last five years that maybe didn’t get the attention or recognition they deserved and brings them back around for readers to discover.  I love this idea, while I am a control freak and like to guess what book I’m getting before ordering a box I find Hidden Gems to be affordable enough to put that anxiety and control aside and just settle in for the ride.  Anyway, I’ll get more into what I like about this box at the end – lets get on with the unboxing! (I apologise for the quality of the photos and lack of good focus.)


For starters I’m kind of sad that the box didn’t have more detailing AND that I couldn’t include a photo of it because it had my address but it was super sturdy and a nice large box! I like how everything was packaged into this small little package but it did leave a lot of empty room in the box.  I can see why they’ve done this but it did make the box seem a bit unwarranted.  I think it’s cool that they’ve written the genre’s on the paper so you immediately get an idea of what to expect.


First ‘item’ we have is this little plastic baggy filled with merch related to the book.  So it isn’t really a surprise what the book is but since they aren’t new release books or by well known authors so even though you can easily figure the book out you still don’t know anything about it.


The obvious first thing is these bookmarks – one for the first book in the series and then two others to complete the trilogy.  I like these, they may not be fancy art ones or anything but they’re actual book promotion related stuff so that’s also cool.


Then we’ve got this little phoenix pin.  I don’t really care one way or another for it but it fits with the book.


We’ve also got this little charm which features the first sequel’s cover.  It’s good quality but I don’t really have a use for it.  Though I am thinking of making a bookish charm bracelet to feature some of the bookish charms like stuff I’ve been receiving so maybe it’ll come into use that way.

I beleive that only myself and one other received this small little promotion baggie since we won the pre-orders lucky dip kind of thing.  While that is disappointing that this promotion stuff wouldn’t be included each month it is cool that I won the goodies!


I’m glad they (as a new book subscription service) were able to include something like this; a letter from the author of the featured book.

“Dear Reader,

The Into the Fire trilogy is one that has a special place in my heart because the idea actually came to me in middle school.  Yes, middle school.  My mother used to watch reruns of the 1970’s TV show Dark Shadows, and since I’ve had a love of all things paranormal practicality since birth, I enjoyed the show- bad special effects and all.
There was a phoenix on Dark Shadows names Laura.  Her last name changed depending on which life she was on, but she was in fact a woman who burst into flames and was reborn.  I remember watching her burn and thinking the idea of a person being a phoenix was the coolest thing ever.
Fast-Forward many years.  We don’t get into how many exactly. 😉 It was summertime and I thought about Laura and how her death and rebirth stuck with me.  I knew I had to write about a cast of characters who could be reborn.  Cara and the other phoenixes emerged from there.
So this trilogy is the idea that stuck with me, waiting for its time to be born.  That time has come, and I hope you enjoy reading about my phoenixes.
Kelly Hashway.”

I love that in this letter the author really explains where her idea for the story came from, it makes it more personal.


Next we have this watercolour bookmark customised for the book included designed by Marquesdusoleil.  I love bookmarks like this and I’m happy to add it to my collection.


Okay for the last of the bookish items included we have this art card print of a phoenix by MarinaPetroFineArt.  I like this well enough but I have no real use for it.


And this month’s book is….


Into The Fire by Kelly Hashway.  I have never heard of this book and I’m kind of upset that I hadn’t.  It was published in February of 2016 (or under  different name in 2014?).  It has phoenixes,  romance and forbidden love.

In one month’s time, seventeen-year-old Cara Tillman will die and be reborn from her own ashes…

Her life of secrecy has never been easy. She’s watched her younger brother, Jeremy, burn and rise again in a coming-of-age process called rebirth. And just like her brother, when her time comes, she won’t remember anything from her first life other than she’s a Phoenix—a member of a small group of people descended from the mythical Phoenix bird.

The last thing she needs to worry about is falling for the new guy in town—Logan Schmidt.

Cara is drawn to Logan in a way she can’t explain, but she’s not exactly complaining. Everything is perfect…except it’s not. Once she’s reborn, she’ll forget Logan. And to make things worse, a Phoenix Hunter is on the loose, and Cara’s involvement with Logan is bringing out her Phoenix qualities—the very qualities that will draw the Hunter right to her.

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Afraid of hurting Logan, Cara breaks it off for good. But her attraction to him runs deeper than a typical high school crush. She wants him—needs him. And if he proves willing to stay by her side, their love might destroy them both.

Can Cara hide from the Phoenix Hunters long enough to survive her rebirth? And if so, will it mean a new beginning with Logan—or the beginning of the end?

Part of me can’t wait to read this story but the other part of me; the part that hates the memory loss trope isn’t so keen.  I’ll be ordering the sequel on Kindle if I get past chapter 10 so I don’t have to be a silly mess after what I’m guessing will be a cliffhanger.


Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this box.  While it didn’t have much included it focuses on books that aren’t really popular.  So you know you’ll be getting a unique service. I can’t say what my opinions on prices are as of yet since I pre-ordered the box months ago anticipating it’s release and the prices were different.  I will be ordering again (not Feburary since I have two others I’m ordering) so in a future review I can state my opinion on that state of things. I will say that the Instagram for this box needs work, having more promotion and better photos and such would be a great benefit to reaching a greater audience.  I would like to see more included in this box in the future but as it stands I’m really impressed with this initial box.  The promotional merchandise is neat and the other two pieces of merchandise are beautiful artistic pieces.  I do feel if I didn’t have the promotional merchandise baggie I would have felt somewhat let down at how little was included within this box but I have hope and faith that the curation will improve with each box and as Hidden Gems grows which I’m excited to to witness that progression.


Included was this letter which is the less formal or official equivalent of an introduction and information card.

“Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you but I am so relieved that 2016 is over.  There have been a lot of ups and down.  But it is a New Year and new start.
I can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on Hidden Gems Book Box.  This is something I have thought about for quite some time.  While I have liked checking out “popular” books I have also loved finding the books that don’t get a lot of hype.  Authors work hard to bring stories to life that I feel like some authors don’t get enough time in the spotlight.
My goal is to do a range of YA and maybe throw in a New Adult book every once in while if I find one that seems like you may enjoy; when I talk about a range of books I want to hit all genres and all the different types of characters that there possibly can be and it being a book that has come out within the past five years.  I can’t wait for the rest of this year. I hope you find a new favorite along the way and maybe an author you haven’t heard of before.

Next month’s book is a contemporary, faith book.  It is of four friends and new beginnings.




You can order your Hidden Gems Book Box HERE for $25 USD (not including shipping). Their Instagram is @hiddengemsbookbox.


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The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.  This post is not sponsored I paid for the box myself.



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