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Wrap Up: March 2017


The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes #2) by Brittany Cavallaro – ★★★★ – Young Adult Contemporary Mystery Reimagining

I don’t really know what to say about this book, I loved the first one (read my review HERE), but the mystery in this one felt wrong and the big plot twist/cliffhanger has left me more baffled than anything else?  Definitely one of the cases of Middle Book Syndrome.  Hopefully the final book in this trilogy is better so the series can end on a high note. Still love Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes together though.

Jockblocked (Gridiron #2) by Jen Frederick – ★★★ – New Adult Contemporary College Sports Romance 

Catching Carly (Barley Cross #2) by Emma Hart – ★★★ – Adult Contemporary Humour Romance

I loved Brooke and I loved Carly.  Highly recommend this series (and author) if you want some steamy love with a ton of humour thrown in.

Kept from You (Tear Asunder #4) by Nashoda Rose – ★★ – Adult Dark Romance

A Promise of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #1) by Amanda Bouchet – ★★★★ – Adult Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Breath of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #2) by Amanda Bouchet – ★★★ – Adult Paranormal Fantasy Romance

It did seem like Cat had a different personality in this one.  More cutesy than sassy.  It could be because of the big important thing – but I don’t know.  Either way I loved Cat, Griffin Carver, Kato and Flynn.  I cannot wait for the third book!

Life is but a Nightmare (Elysium Legacies #2) by Erin Hayes – ★★★ – Adult Mythology (Greek) Romance

I didn’t read the first one because I’m dumb but anyway.

What books did YOU read in February?

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