Book Subscription Box Review: FairyLoot

FairyLoot: March ‘Myths and Monsters’ Box

Okay, so if you don’t know what a book subscription box then;

  1. Where have you been?
  2. Check out my blog post about them HERE.

FairyLoot is the UK’s most popular book subscription service, they’re basically the UK’s version on OwlCrate but they don’t include contemporary books like OwlCrate does.  I’ve had two boxes from FairyLoot in the past and I enjoyed them, I have another one ordered.  It’s difficult because they don’t have a ‘skip’ option with their service so if you don’t like a theme you have to cancel then hope you can get a spot with the next box.  But they sell out fast. Anyway, lets get on with the unboxing!


Packaging and Presentation: I was lucky enough to order FairyLoot’s one year anniversary box which they made purple in honour of the special milestone.  I LOVE this box, and that they chose to do something special for the anniversary.


Introduction Card: As with all subscription boxes, an introduction crd is included that explains everything included in the box and who made each item.  I’m not a huge fan of the actual art used on FairyLoot’s intro cards but that’s fine since it’s not like a poster or anything.


The first thing I found in the purple packing worms was this Nephilim Candle by Geeky Clean.  It’s black cherry and lime scented and I LOVE it.  I haven’t lit it yet, but I haven’t reacted to the scent either, so hopefully I won’t get a headache!


The next thing I pulled out of my box was this Silver Dragon Scale Scarf made exclusively for this box by GivArt.  It’s lightweight and looks cool, but I’m not sure if I’d actually use it.  I’m a practical person – I wear scarves for warmth.


FairyLoot included some fairylights in this box too, they have unicorns and rainbows and are pretty cool but I kind of wish they had included something else – or maybe just better lights.  They’ve grown on me, but I just don’t have a use for fair lights like this; plain ones yes, these ones?  Other than photo props I can’t think of any time I could use them.  These are by Mustard and you can get them HERE.


Up next we have these magnetic bookmarks by Bonitismo.  They’re cool, I like them.  I feel you can never really go wrong with magnetic bookmarks.


This little mirror was also in my box, it’s designed by Book Otter.  I’m not fond of it and will probably give it away.


Just a promotion thing for the Fallen movie.  Which I have absolutely, 100%, no interest in whatsoever.


They included this little ‘magazine’ all about FairyLoot, who runs he company, how they started and an overview of all he boxes they’ve made.


Packaging and Presentation: I love how FairyLoot put their books in a bag – and all other accompanying things that could give they book away.  It makes it an extra special surprise and it protects the books in transit.


First up in the pouch we have another little ‘magazine’ that has an interview with the author, similar books and also the next months theme.


And now for the book…


Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.  This is a YA Fantasy about a librarian called Lazlo Strange and a mythical lost city called Weep.  I wasn’t originally anticipating this book but the more I heard the more I wanted to pick it up.

The dream chooses the dreamer, not the other way around—and Lazlo Strange, war orphan and junior librarian, has always feared that his dream chose poorly. Since he was five years old he’s been obsessed with the mythic lost city of Weep, but it would take someone bolder than he to cross half the world in search of it. Then a stunning opportunity presents itself, in the person of a hero called the Godslayer and a band of legendary warriors, and he has to seize his chance or lose his dream forever.

What happened in Weep two hundred years ago to cut it off from the rest of the world? What exactly did the Godslayer slay that went by the name of god? And what is the mysterious problem he now seeks help in solving?

The answers await in Weep, but so do more mysteries—including the blue-skinned goddess who appears in Lazlo’s dreams. How did he dream her before he knew she existed? And if all the gods are dead, why does she seem so real?

Welcome to Weep.

I love the cover for this book, it’s so beautiful – even the page spine (is that what it’s called?) is blue!


Unfortunately this book didn’t come with a signed book plate – it is signed, but every copy of the book (or maybe just every copy of the UK edition?) has the same ‘signature’ so it isn’t as special. Ad by every copy I mean the paperbacks at my local Kmart were ‘signed’.


Also I love what the back blurb says;


It was impossible, of course.   But when did that ever stop any dreamer from dreaming?


In the pouch we also got this little postcard which I love and of course a letter from the author:


Dear Fairy Loot Readers

Well, that was a surprise.

When I started writing this book, it was called The Muse of Nightmares and it was Sarai’s story.  It had been glimmering in my mind for years (possibly twenty years), and it was finally time to write it!  But… as I tried to do so, I kept discarding beginning after beginning.  I’d get twenty pages in, thirty, fifty, and a tingling sense of nope would overcome me.  I’d start again.  And again.

And again.

What was the problem?  Why was the story eluding me?

And then one day something happened  I was writing a chapter about this young librarian who was meant to be a secondary character.  My fingers wrote the words ‘his nose had been broken by a falling volume of fairy tales when he was a boy’, and just like that, the book’s entire centre of gravity shifted.  I couldn’t even have said why.  I just knew in that instant that he was my hero.  His name was Lazlo Strange, the chapter was called ‘Strange the Dreamer’, and this was his story.  

Imagine the GPS in my brain: ‘Recalculating… recalculating…’

Why?  Why did that one small detail – a nose broken by fairy tales – alter the course of the book  I didn’t figure out until after I’d finished writing it.  It hit me that in addition to the themes I’d been conscious of – otherness, amnesty, the hero’s journey – the entire book is a big, fat love letter to fantasy readers, and to the superior power of their minds and imaginations.  My beloved misfit Lazlo isn’t some badass hero type (not that there’s anything wrong with that…).  He’s not a fighter.  He’s a dreamer and a reader- literally shaped by stories, in more ways than his nose.  He’s surrounded by brilliant men and women, but his mind, honed on myth, gives him an edge, time and again.  Basically, if the book had a bumper sticker, it would be ‘Fantasy readers do it better’.

I hope that you will love Lazlo as much as I do, and I hope you enjoy his journey.  I promise you warriors, cake, and kissing, not to mention ghosts, gods, and alchemy.  If you’re reading this note, chances are you’re a book person and my gratitude to you is boundless.  I truly beleive that we, like Lazlo, are uniquely equipped to love the world and make it more beautiful.

Yay books!

Best wishes, Laini Taylor.

Final Thoughts:

Okay, so I love Fairy Loot, and I’m glad I got this box… But even when I first opened the box I just felt a little disappointed.  I think it was the fairy lights and scarf, I just felt the could have included more BOOKISH items, especially for their anniversary box.  I love the book and I’m SO glad that I have the letter because it really spoke to me.  But I just felt disappointed with the box?  As I stated in the beginning I have another box ordered (June’s box I think) and I’m hoping I’ll have a better experience with that box.


You can order your FairyLoot box HERE for £26 pounds (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes you can click HERE and HERE.


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The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.  This post is not sponsored I paid for the box myself.

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