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Bookworm Update: Where I’ve Been

I suppose I should explain, it’s been 2 months since I posted here.  I haven’t forgotten about this blog, or decided to never post here again.  I simply haven’t felt inspired or motivated to write anything.  As some of you may know I’ve had a pretty bad reading slump throughout this year.  In the past three to four months it’s been its worst – and I simply haven’t read anything.   However I recently picked up Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor (by Rick Riordan) and it reignited my love and passion for reading and having book related discussions.  It felt so incredible to fall back into the world of literature, and while I’m not at the same pace I once was, I’ve been reading more than I have in the past 3 months and instead of feeling let down by my backtracking of progress I’m positive and grateful that I’m reading again.  I went on to read Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead (by Rick Riordan), The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid (by Rick Riordan) and Prophet by R.J Larson.  I’m hoping to pick up Miss Fix-It by Emma Hart and either Judge by R.J Larson or The Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire (by Rick Riordan) soon.  I don’t want to push or force myself – I know doing so will only hamper my progress so I’m taking it slow.

Looking at my Goodreads Reading Goal you wouldn’t think I’ve been in reading slump, as I mentioned in a previous post I actually had to lower my target because it was no longer realistic – but I’ve since put it back to it’s previous figure and am technically 25 books ahead of schedule.  But when you actually look at the ‘books’ I’ve been marking as read you see that it’s actually mostly comics.  Since falling deep into this reading slump I was desperate for any type of fiction and found myself happily reading DC comics.  About 104 of the ‘books’ in my reading challange are actually individual issues of various comics – I wasn’t sure I wanted to include them in my reading challange but I wanted to keep track of what I had read and when I read them so I decided to bump my reading goal up again so it didn’t seem as cheaty.  (Also if anyone cares, I’ve been reading the Rebirth series for Superman, Batman, Nightwing and Super Sons)


Anyway I wanted to post this update to let everyone know that I’m still alive, this blog is still active, and that I’m planning on posting new content in the new year.  I will still post my top reads for 2017 and maybe a compilation of my August to December wrap ups, but I won’t be posting any reviews, book hauls, book subscription box reviews or recommendations.  I’m hoping to start the new year fresh and I look forward to sharing all my bookish thoughts with you all.


I suppose it’s times like this that my blog title makes sense, ‘The Troubles and Woes of a Bookworm’, we bookworms sometimes fall into reading slumps that we just can’t pull ourselves out of, or we push ourselves to do things that hinder our own enjoyment of our passions, it’s important to remember that every reader is different and to always go at your own pace, and if you don’t feel like reading something, don’t.  Don’t push yourself to do something that could be detrimental to your progress.  Don’t push yourself to finish something you have no interest in (unless you’re a professional reviewer, in which case ignore this) or you could find yourself losing momentum or interest in your passion.  I’m going to make a post about Overcoming the Slump in the new year, talking about my experience with a reading slump and how I overcame it along with advice and alternatives while slumping.


I’m looking forward to talking to you all in the new year and hope you’ll all stick around.  Also feel free to send in post suggestions or review requests.  I always value your input and opinions.



What are YOUR suggestions for getting out of a reading slump?


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