Subscription Box Review: World’s Finest The Collection

World’s Finest: The Collection – Wonder Woman Box

So I’ve taken a bit of a break from book subscription boxes, I just wasn’t feeling satisfied with the contents and there haven’t been many books that were releasing that caught my interest and fit various subscriptions services themes.  So here I am with a very different subscription box unboxing and review.  A DC collectors box.  Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been reading a lot of comics this year, I’ve always loved MARVEL movies and DC TV shows.  But this year through my reading slump comics have honestly been a godsend (without them I wouldn’t have reached my Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal) and relief.  I found I much preferred the DC characters and have been really enjoying the Rebirth series’ (mostly Super Sons), so when I saw the unboxings for World’s Finest Batman box (their first box) I decided I had to get it myself.  Unfortunately I missed out on the Batman box but I got the Wonder Woman box and I’m so happy with it!  The contents just fit more into what I want to be getting from subscription boxes, there is really unique and useful items.  In the Batman box there was a grapple umbrella.  I mean that in itself sold me on the box.  Anyway, I’ll stop babbling on and get on with the unboxing and review.


As always we start with the box itself – I am so impressed with this box.  I love it.  Is that weird?  I’m totally going to use it for other stuff, like storing my comic issues or bookish/nerdy goodies.  It’s sturdy, and the shipping sticker was attached to a layer or plastic covering the box so there’s no ugly sticker.  The design is great and it’s just overall an awesome box.  Yes, I know I’m weird.


The first thing in the box was this fierce Wonder Woman t-shirt. Now I’m not sure how many guys would wear this but I think it’s pretty awesome.  I’m not that keen on the type of collar it has, but that’s not a real problem.


Next up we have an item that made me laugh real hard.  They’re sweatbands but they’re like Diana’s crown and (kind of) bracelets.  I’m actually starting to workout a lot more so these will be SUPER useful, and funny.  And they’re soft.


Followed by your own real life Invisible Jet! Well, Invisible Jet ice cube (trays) anyway.  But ice is practically ‘invisible’ or clear so it’s almost the same thing, right? This is actually really cool, I don’t see myself using it while I still live with my parents, but when I have my own house and my own freezer you bet I’ll be using them!


Up next we have a twelve pack of Wonder Woman comic cover postcards.  There’s two of each so six different covers.  They’re classic and retro and since there’s two of each I’ll actually be sending some postcards!  I typically hoard them, if I only have one of something I like I tend to hold onto it.  But since there’s spares I’ll share.


Then we have an exclusive vinyl figure.  I haven’t ever collected these types of figures (I have kind of started collecting Funko Pops!) so this was something new for me.  I like it a lot, I’m not sure about the sculpt on the face or the size of the boobs but I guess it’s the boobs are more accurate to the comic portrayal and well.. It’s a small figure and face details are so tiny I can’t really fault them.  I’m a perfectionist so it’s probably just my personal view.  But yeah, this was cool.  I think every box has an exclusive figure like this (so they all match) featuring the character from the theme.



Now the following (or should I say above) item included is one of my two favourites from this box.  It’s this Lasso of Truth mug and it is AWESOME, I never would have thought of doing a mug like that but it’s so cool and it’s like her lasso has been coiled into a mug.  I don’t really drink hot drinks so this will probably hold pens or bookmarks but I adore it.  It’s officially my favorite mug.




Second to last we have this pin set with three different pins.  A portrait, her shield emblem and her crown.  I think these are really cute.  I’m not sure I’ll actually use them since I’d be worried about loosing them – I did put one on my bookbag though.  So if I ever get around to the bookstore or library at least one of the pins will see the outside.


Now for the last item and my personal favorite.  The letter opener!  Yep, this is a letter opener.  I am TERRIBLE at opening letters.  I’ve torn so many important pieces of paper and lost so many codes and such because of my poor letter opening skills; and I was going to buy a Wonder Woman one in the new year – but then I got this!  It’s not as big as the one I was planning on getting, but it works perfectly and it’s just so cool!  I love this.  This is the kind of unique practical novelty stuff I’ve been wanting from subscription boxes (not this size necessarily but this kind of usefulness) and it just makes me so happy.  If I ever end up in an office job you better believe I’ll be taking this with me to put on my desk.


Obviously the shield and sword come out of the stand.  I’m not sure what purpose the shield has but it fits on my finger so maybe it’s like a finger guard from the sword – if you’re clumsy like me and holding even a dull tiny sword is a risk then this makes sense, otherwise I probably sound crazy.



Final Thoughts:

I loved this box.  It is on the dearer side, but it’s quarterly and the curating of the box and quality of the items justifies the cost.  I really loved it, it was filled with practical useful items that have a novelty comic spin on them.  As I said above the stuff in this box is the sort of stuff I want to be seeing in subscription boxes, useful everyday stuff (yes candles, lip balms and bath bombs are useful but there’s only so many of each you can have before you get sick of them).  I’ll definitely be keeping my subscription and I can’t wait to see what the next box has!  I bet the character will be Superman, followed by either The Flash or Aquaman.  Depending on which box comes out when the Aquaman movie comes out.  They should time it so they correlate. I definitly recommend this box, maybe not if you aren’t a huge comic fan, but if you’re starting a collection or are already a collector I’m sure you’d love this box.

You can actually get this exact box, since they’re done quarterly there is plenty of time for you to get in your order.


You can order your DC World’s Finest: The Collection box HERE for $48.99 USD (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes click HERE. 


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The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.  This post is not sponsored I paid for the box myself.

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