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Book Talk: Subscription Boxes

(Coming to you from the future… This is pretty outdated now, let me know if I should make a new post regarding book subscription boxes in 2020!)

So I wrote up a book talk about subscription boxes back in 2015.  I added it at the beginning  of every book subscription box unboxing and even when certain boxes became unavailable I never bothered updating that original post.  It seemed tedious.  But it’s been three years and I thought it was about time to write up a new post explaining book subscription boxes – using my own reviews, insight and experience.

First of all, a book subscription box (or any subscription service) is a mystery box of goodies that is delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.  Each service tends to have an overall target genre and each month tends to have a theme.  They are a great gift idea, and most sites offer one-time purchase options, otherwise they renew automatically each month (unless they have a skip next renewal option or you cancel your subscription).  You never really know what you’ll get inside – so they’re great for people who love surprises, and it is a unique way to build up your bookish collection.  I’ll mostly be talking about book subscription boxes today as I have the most experience with that field.  But there are so many different types of subscription boxes – I highly recommend checking out Cratejoy if you’re looking for different types of subscriptions.  CrateJoy is basically an online marketplace for subscription boxes.  There is something for everyone there; bookworms, lifestyle, cooking, religion, men, children.

You can check out all my subscription box reviews HERE.



OwlCrate has been my most purchased box, so I have quite a few reviews you can check out but here’s the brief.  OwlCrate is a monthly book subscription box, each month they release a theme and some hints at what will be in the box. You typically receive 4-6 bookish items, a pin based on that month’s theme, the book, a signed bookplate and a letter from the author.  And recently all their books have had exclusive covers.  This is a YA book box, and while they mostly include fantasy books but they have also included contemporaries as well.   Items you could receive include; candles, art prints, cushion covers, book bags, bookmarks, jewelry, tea/coffee/hot chocolate and even sometimes a Funko product.  OwlCrate also offers a Middle Grade option in the form of OwlCrate Jr.

You can order your Owlcrate box HERE for $30 USD (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes you can click HERE and HERE.

My Reviews:

June 2016: Royalty 

July 2016: Good vs. Evil

August 2016: Fast Times at YA High

November 2016: Wonderland

January 2017: Classic Remix 

February 2017: Run Away With the Circus

May 2017: Comic Explosion



I guess you could say FairyLoot and OwlCrate are the Big Two bookish subscription services.  FairyLoot is very similar to OwlCrate but it’s a UK based service and only includes Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  They are a monthly service, with a theme, 4-6 bookish items, the book, a signed bookplate and a letter from the author.  And recently their books have had exclusive covers.  Like OwlCrate they release some hints about what will be included in the box. Items you could receive include; candles, art prints, cushion covers, book bags, bookmarks, tea/coffee/hot chocolate, cosmetic items (lip balm, soaps, bath bombs)  and pouches.  They also have a little magazine that includes author interviews and the next months theme.

You can order your FairyLoot box HERE for £26 pounds (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes you can click HERE and HERE.

My Reviews:

April 2016: Intrigue 

February 2017: Emperors and Fugitives

March 2017: Myths and Monsters

June 2017: Elementals


The Bookish Box


The Bookish Box is a little different to the other boxes, instead if including a book as their feature product, they include a bookish t-shirt.  Although recently they’ve begun offering books in their boxes.  This is a YA monthly service that uses a theme, they include a t-shirt of their creation and about 4 related items.

You can order your The Bookish Box  HERE for $29.99 USD (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes you can click  HERE and HERE.  If you want a different style shirt click HERE to see the options available.

My Review:

August 2016: Fairy Tales

Romance Reveal


This box is NOT a YA based box.  This is an adult romance box that comes with two to four signed books, some book swag and a colouring card.  I recently reactivated my subscription for this box, so I’m excited to grow my romance collection and post some new unboxings/reviews.

You can order your Romance Reveal Box HERE for $25 USD (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes you can click HERE.

My Review:


World’s Finest: The Collection


This box is NOT a bookish subscription service, I wanted to include a ‘nerdy’ option and so far this is the only nerdy box I’ve ordered.  This is a DC Comics subscription box created by CultureFly which is an amazing company they also have Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Nickelodeon boxes.  They include a number of DC Licensed, exclusive products that fit with their theme (Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League) and they’re all really high quality.  The items in this box are a bit different in that they’re mostly really usable items; things you’ll find use for in your everyday life.  Which is a cool change from decorative items you usually receive.  This is a bit more expensive, but it ships quarterly and the amount and quality of the products more than justifies the cost.

You can order your DC World’s Finest: The Collection box HERE for $48.99 USD (not including shipping). If you want to check out past boxes click HERE. 

My Review:

Wonder Woman


Other Recommendations:


Unicorn Crate

My Guilty Pleasures Book Crate/Totally Booked Crate

The Bookworm Box


LitJoy Crate

SpearCraft Book Box

Enchanted Book Box

Shelflove Crate

The Bookie Box

Pop Reads Box

The Delilah Box

Shelflove Reads

Once Upon a Bookcase

Enchanted Fandom

Nerdy Post

Fandom of the Month

Wonder Crate

Charm With Me

Geek Fuel


Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly

Super Hero Crate L.L.C

Flick the Wick

The YA Chronicles 

Fae Crate

Book Boyfriend Box


Do you know of any other bookish/nerd/fandom subscription boxes I should add to the list?  Comment them below.

Have you tried any of these boxes, which was your favourite?




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I’m not sponsored by any of these subscription services, however I have used referral links throughout the post for boxes where applicable.
Not all boxes ship internationally.

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