Subscription Box Review: Legion of Collectors

Legion of Collectors – January 2018 ‘Teen Titans’ Box

So this is very late, at least for the rest of the world.  In fact the Legion of Collectors box (as well as all other Funko POP! subscription boxes) have been discontinued as subscriptions.  But the thing is these boxes weren’t available for subscription to Australia anyway – so how did I end up with a box?  There’s this awesome Australian based store/website that gets sent some of these boxes to sell, it’s called PopCultcha and I pretty much have the website up in my tabs 24/7.  There is so much cool stuff on there, but most importantly they have some of these Funko POP! subscription boxes! I honestly wanted so many of them but the second I started seeing the unboxings for the Teen Titans I was desperate to get it!  When it showed up on PopCultcha for pre-order I jumped (literally) and ordered it immediately!  I’ll get into why I was so desperate for this box a bit later but let me tell you a little bit about the Legion of Collectors box.  So it’s a subscription box made by Funko and is DC licensed. The cool thing about these boxes was you could get lesser known and exclusive Funko POP!s, they come with some other stuff and back when they started the items they included were a lot cooler but over the past few years the quality of the boxes has gone down (but the POP!s have remained amazing!).  Funko recently announced they would be discontinuing the subscription service for all their subscription boxes, which included the MARVEL ‘Collector Corps’, Star Wars ‘Smugglers Bounty’ and Disney Treasures.  The idea is without it being a regular subscription (even bi-monthly which I believe it was) and instead being special boxes released at specific retailers over time, the quality of the boxes will be better and there will be less dissatisfaction with buyers (at least that was how I interpreted it).  I don’t know if that will work, I’m almost 100% none of these retailers will include Australian stores, but I’m hoping PopCultcha will continue to receive stock of them.  So now that I’ve given a little background lets get into the unboxing/review.


I love the box design, it’s remained consistent throughout the boxes run, with the/a feature character’s blue silhouette on the front.  I especially love this boxes design because it’s Disco!Nightwing.  And Nightwing is hands down my favourite ‘super’hero! I’ve proudly displaying this box with all my other pretty boxes.  It’s also really strong and stable so I’m sure for normal subscribers the box would show up in good nick.


The first thing in the box is the spoiler card and the next months (March, bi-monthly I beleive) theme which was Green Lantern and I’ve seen what they included and the Funko POP!s were awesome!


The first actual item is this Beast Boy shirt with him going from a tiger to his normal form.  There was two shirt options you could have gotten, I personally would have preferred the other design as it shows his transformation a bit better.  But nevertheless I do really like this shirt and I think Beast Boy is a pretty cool character (even though most of my experience with him comes from Teen Titans and Young Justice).  Fun fact, his original name was Changeling.

Next up we have two mini action figures/vinyl figures.  There were four possible characters to get, two in each box.  Cyborg and Starfire, which were the ones I received, and Nightwing and Raven.  I would have really liked to have received the Nightwing one, but again I missed out – apparently we’ll be able to get them somehow in the future?  But I don’t think I’d bother, I don’t really know what to do with these as it is.  I have them in my ‘stuff’ box but I wouldn’t take them out of the packaging so they’re kind of pointless in the grand scheme of things.  Still, I’m sure for younger subscribers they could be played with or for older subscribers, displayed?  Oh also they’re the OG outfits character and outfits. So Cyborg looks like a disco raver and Starfire looks naked.


Then we have this Cyborg patch.  I beleive every box in Funko’s subscription series came with a monthly patch and in the beginning a pin.  I’m not sure where I’ll put this yet but I’m sure it’ll look pretty cool wherever it ends up.


Okay so the second last item is pretty cool.  It’s the original New Teen Titans issue #1, but reissued with an updated cover.  I love the new cover-art but I have to say the story itself is so… cringy… And the original art doesn’t pull me in as much as modern comic art does.  But since this was published originally in 1980 it’s understandable that the outfits and story wouldn’t be… High class.  In saying all that, I’m not keeping it to read it, I’m keeping it because it’s a piece of history and I’m happy to have it!

Now for the most important item in this box, the reason I wanted it so bad, the only reason I actually wanted this box.


DISCO NIGHTWING!  I already own the modern Nightwing in all his Funko POP! glory but Nightwing is my favourite character, and despite what it sounds like from what I said about the comic, I was first introduced to Nightwing during his Disco period.  I love him, he looks like a freaking peacock!  It’s now, officially, the most important vinyl figure I own.  Hands down.  He’s amazing.  I love the paint job on him as well.  I just think this is such a special POP to add to my growing collection!

I mean look at him!  I LOVE IT!

Final Thoughts:

The quality of the items in this box is good, the quantity for the price is a bit lackluster.  I can see why the boxes lost steam and why sales went down over time – but I’m glad they did this box and that PopCulture stocked them.  While I don’t care that much for the Cyborg and Starfire figures or the Cyborg patch,  I know I’ll wear the shirt a lot, the comic will hold a special place in my collection and the Nightwing POP will be cherished for eternity.  I guess that makes the box sound more better than not, and I suppose it was.  Overall I guess I did like this box, but I’m just mostly happy about having the POP.  I bought the box for that reason and that’s the thing I’m still mostly excited about.


If you want to get any of the Funko boxes you can check out PopCultcha, or eBay, I’m not sure where else you could find them but that would be your best bet.  Prices will odviously vary, especially with eBay.


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The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.  This post is not sponsored, I paid for the box myself.

2 thoughts on “Subscription Box Review: Legion of Collectors

  1. Awesome. I’ve done one box from them, Wonder Woman, and it was pretty cool. I remember getting her invisible ship but I can’t remember what else. haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that was the Women of DC box, it came with a Hawkgirl POP! and a shirt with Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl on it 🙂 It’s kind of like, the vinyl figures are the main focus, everything else is just additional stuff. I would have loved to get the Invisible Jet but I can also just buy the actual POP! rides version instead of just a vinyl figure one. And it’ll fit in my little collection a bit better (if I can ever justify spending so much on a vinyl figure that is). x


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