Subscription Box Review: The YA Chronicles

The YA Chronicles: Limited Edition Obsidio Swag Box

So this is what they call a ‘limited edition’ box.  They’re usually made for sequels of popular series, and are separate to the companies typical subscription service.  They are single purchases.

Since The Illuminae Files was written by two Australians (right?) it makes perfect sense that the most popular Australian YA book subscription service would do boxes for the releases.  I beleive they originally did a box for Illuminae when it first came out, and for Gemina and Obsidio they did special boxes.  I didn’t actually read Illuminae until recently and I fell in love with it, I knew I wanted some kind of swag for the series, but I didn’t think The YA Chronicles would have any Obsidio boxes left since the book had already been released.  But I was in luck!  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a box with a signed book plate, but I still got all the awesome swag!

So let’s get into the unboxing!


Intro card needs no introduction (though it was buried a bit so it wasn’t the first thing I pulled out; can you see a sneak peek of the items included in the box in the corner?)

And like roses in his hands, death blooms.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this blood-splattered flower made by A Little Touch of Books. I really love this and the quote that it’s based around.  It’ll be really useful for taking photos with the series.



Next up we have this </ERROR> candle by The Book Hangover.  This candle is really pretty but unfortunatly I had a reaction to it so I’ll be putting this in a giveaway box!  It smells of vanilla, black pepper, tobacco and patchouli.  And it has glitter in it!


Next we have this gorgeous bracelet by Charmed Fiction with a little rocket ship and galaxy pendant!  I love this and have worn it out a few times already.  I actually checked out her store and I really love the stuff she makes, I’ve added two more bracelets to my cart – keep an eye out I might be doing a merch/swag haul in the future and they might be in it!


Almost to the end of the box, we have these amazing ‘tarot’ cards made by Megan Jeong Books based on the characters in the trilogy.  They are really beautiful and you can buy your own set HERE.

Kady and Ezra
Hanna and Nik
Asha and Rhys


Now second to last (but really the main and last item in the box) we have this GIANT book sleeve that’s big enough to actually fit Obsidio in it!  This is my first book sleeve and I really love it, the print, the size, it’s awesome.  It was made by Behind The Pages.


And lastly we have an Obsidio bookmark.  The YA Chronicles includes their theme’s bookmark in each box and special edition boxes are no exception.  Basically the same design as the introduction/spoiler card.

Final Thoughts:

While I am disaapointed that I missed out on the signed bookplate that’s my own fault for jumping into the Illuminae Files bandwagon so late.  With the exception of the candle, which I only dislike due to allergies or whatever it is that makes scents cause headaches and nausea, I loved everything in this box!  The Death Blooms flower, the bracelet, the ‘tarot’ cards and the book sleeve were all amazing and I’m very glad that I ordered this box! I wish I had read the book/s sooner so I could have ordered all three boxes but oh well.  I’m thankful to have this one.



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