Book Subscription Box Review: Whimsify ‘Starlight & Dreams’

Whimsify: Starlight & Dreams

The third of possibly 6 boxes I ordered dedicated to the release of A Court of Frost and Starlight.  I ordered the no-book option for this box since I knew I had so many editions already ordered.  I really don’t have much else to say so…

Let’s get into this!


As always we start with the box, and what a lovely box it is!  While it would have been wonderful to have a special edition box, I simply love Whimsify’s box and the gorgeous Tiffany blue colour – so I’m not complaining.  It isn’t especially sturdy, but it arrived in good condition.  The packing worms inside were actually something I didn’t like, for some reason it produced a black dust that went everywhere.  So that was unfortunate.  But otherwise love the box and packaging.

I love the design of the intro/spoiler card, it’s so pretty!
DSC_0338 (2)
When you erupt girl, make sure it is felt across worlds.

The first item I pulled out of the box was this mug designed by Miss Phi.  It features a quote from A Court of Wings and Ruin between Amren and Nesta.


The second item I uncovered were these ‘team’ buttons, a Whimsify original, so you can rep your favourite male character! I will definitely be putting my ‘Team Rhys’ button on my book bag!


Up next we have a House of Wind candle that not only smells wonderful, but doesn’t give me a headache! It’s by Flick the Wick and smells like mountain fresh air, citrus and orchids.


Continuing with the scented items, this Cauldron bath bomb by Fairytale Bath Co.  The Cauldron plays such an important role in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and this bath bomb that’s contained in a small cauldron shaped bowl is the perfect nod to that.  It’s blackberry and amber scented, and as of right now I don’t know if I’m going to have a reaction to it or not, but since it’s a sprinkle bath bomb I can try out a small bit before going all out.  Plus, when the bath bomb is finished I’ll still have the adorable cauldron to use as a photo prop!

Next we have these illustrations of the boys of the Inner Circle by morgana0anogrom.  I love these, I think they really capture what each character is like!

Then we have this Whimsify bookmark with some quotes from the books on the back.

The next bookmarks we have are by Jo Painter and are simply stunning.  Very happy with these!


Coming up to the last few items, we have this Morrigan lip scrub by Literary Apothacary, it smells of cinnamon and citrus.  I’ll be putting this in my giveaway box as I’m not so keen on the scent and I have a preference to my LUSH Bubblegum flavoured lip scrub.


This is the second last item in the box and by far my favourite.  The Sleepy Cottage made this Court of Dreams sleep mask and it’s amazing, it’s soft and such an appropriate item to represent the Court of Dreams!  I adore it!


And lastly we have this book sleeve by Storytime Sleeve, inspired by elements of the ACOTAR series. While I love book sleeves, I have to say that I’m not as fond of this one, I might still hang on to it see if I reach for it, but it isn’t my favourite of the ones I’ve received.  Who knows, it might end up my giveaway box.

Final Thoughts:

Initially I was a bit disappointed with this box, I can’t put my finger on why.  But while writing this unboxing/review I found myself more excited about the items than when I first unboxed them.  Maybe I was really tired?  Anyway, I despite not loving the book sleeve and the lip scrub everything else is wonderful.  I adore the sleep mask (even f I don’t sleep with one on), and the art prints of the boys and the bookmarks are amazing!  Looking at how much I paid for the box though I’m not as happy with what I received.  Of course that’s mostly due to how much shipping to Australia is, but still it was a bit dear.  In hindsight I maybe shouldn’t have bought this box but I did and I don’t hate the box or anything, I’m just aware that I could have saved that money since I wouldn’t be too upset to have missed out on anything in this box, except that sleep mask.  Basically it was a so-so box for me.  Not bad, but not my favourite, maybe after the amazing Illumicrate one I just have such high expectations?



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