Book Subscription Box Review: Enchanted Book Box ‘Frost and Starlight’

Enchanted Book Box: Frost and Starlight

The fourth of possibly 6 boxes I ordered dedicated to the release of A Court of Frost and Starlight.  This was a no-book box (I can’t remember if there was a choice?).

Let’s get into this!


As always we start with the box.  I love that they decided to do a special design for this box, though I am sad I won’t have one of their gorgeous pink floral design boxes in my collection.  But it’s still really pretty!  It wasn’t too thick but it was sturdy enough to arrive in near perfect condition.  I love the quotes and names included on the box (as seen below) as well.  Makes it a special box indeed.  Perfect for storing surplus ACOTAR merch and swag that won’t fit on my shelves or be used frequently.


The intro/spoiler card is an alright design, I don’t love it, it isn’t my favourite.  But I love the quote and I think the font is really pretty, even if it is a little hard to read the items on the back.  They actually include prices on this card, which is something I’ve never encountered, and I suppose it’s a way of showing you’re getting your monies worth with the box.  But what I really don’t like is that there isn’t much information about each item – I know it could be seen as self explanatory.  But I still like having the scents or just more information about each item instead of the basics of what it is (eg. Candle by Enchanted Book Box $10).

The first item, or items, I pulled out were these awesome character cards designed by Artbyemmilinne.  I love the designs, Azriel, Mor, Cassian and Amren look excellent!

Only you can decide what breaks you Cursebreaker, only you.

Next up we have this bookmark by MoledroCraftCo.  For some reason this wasn’t included on the info card.  I think it’s pretty cool; not my favourite of my now many ACOTAR inspired bookmarks, but since it’s just cardstock I’m more likely to use it as an actual bookmark than the wooden and magnetic bookmarks I have.


Continuing on we have this ‘Hello, Feyre Darling’ tea which I assume is made by the Enchanted Book Box team.  It is made with black tea, citrus rind, licorice root, mallow flowers, bergamot and citrus & vanilla flavouring.  I do not like tea, and I really don’t like licorice, so this will be finding it’s way into my giveaway box.


Up next we have this book sleeve by Book Cuddlers Boutique with the art designed by Diana Dworak.  I’m honestly not a big fan of the art on this one.  I’ll give it a shot, but I think this too will find itself in my giveaway box (I have a lot going into this box, some will go in an actual giveaway – others will be given as gifts to friends and family).

Next I pulled out this candle made by the Enchanted Book Box team, it’s called City of Starlight and is Winter Mint scented, it kind of makes me think of candy canes and chocolate.  So that’s pretty spot on – I’ll be saving this for Christmas time.  It’ll be the perfect candle to set the Christmas mood (even if it is extremely hot out that time of year).  I also love the glitter!

And I wondered if love was too weak a word for what he felt, what he’d done for me.

Then we’ve got this cushion cover designed by Stella Bookish Art.  The design actually looks a little fuzzy, but that’s alright, I won’t be using this anytime soon as I don’t have a home for another cushion (the one I have at the moment constantly goes missing under my bed..) but I will be putting it in my ‘future’ box to use at a later time. Other than the fuzziness I think the quote and design is really pretty!

Now for one of my favourite items; this wooden bookmark designed and made by Paper Cuts and Pages.  I simply love the quote, the design, both on the front and back.  It is so pretty and I can’t stop looking at it.  I love it.  There’s actually a Sky in the Deep woodmark she has on her Etsy that I adore but the international shipping is crazy expensive – it’s so pretty though, she really has some amazing designs.  Go check her out.

In the end, though, we’d saved each other.  All of us had.

Coming up to the last items, we have this wooden sign by Bookish Signs.  I’ve never received a sign in a box before.  I’ve seen people use them in their shelves display before, but I personally do not have space for that at the moment.  I’ll hold onto it and if need be put it in my ‘future’ box for future use.

You belong to all of us, and we belong to you…

Lastly we have this bookish tote by Atheena Bean – I would say I always need more bags, but I hardly use my favourite book bag let along all the other ones I have.  However I do know that I’ll end up using it one day (I just don’t use them regularly).  I I love the quote, and love that the Night Courts symbol is in the middle.  It’s almost subtle compared to other bookish totes, which I like.

Final Thoughts:

I’m not going to lie; I could have lived without this box and not felt disappointed.  It just was not my favourite or even on the radar.  The only item I love is the wooden bookmark.  I do kind of regret getting this one, though I am aware that since I received the Illumicrate Starfall box early on, and that it set such a high standard, I might just be comparing.  If I had received this one earlier maybe I would have liked it a lot more?  Who knows.  But I am glad to have the box itself and the wooden bookmark, and I’m sure one of these days I’ll use the tote bag, and yeah the candle will be great for Christmas.   But since I’m not a big candle person that isn’t really on my radar as ‘favourite item’.  I am interested in buying one of their normal subscription boxes to see if I like that a bit more, so I’ll keep an eye on their theme releases.



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2 thoughts on “Book Subscription Box Review: Enchanted Book Box ‘Frost and Starlight’

    1. Yeah I ordered quite a few and I have unboxings and reviews up for all of them (you can find them in my reviews section) – my favourite was the Illumicrate box! 😊 I won’t be getting any for KoA but I hope you find an amazing one to buy!! If you need some ideas of companies that are doing a special edition box let me know and I can share a list with you of the boxes I know of with you 😊


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