Book Subscription Box Review: Magic & Mischief ‘A Court of Frost and Starlight’

Magic & Mischief: A Court of Frost and Starlight

The fifth of possibly 6 boxes I ordered dedicated to the release of A Court of Frost and Starlight.  This was a no-book box.  I had a wonderful customer service experience with Fatima, I was eager to order this box as I do enjoy helping support smaller companies and spreading the word but when I contacted her about ordering and found out the shipping price I simply couldn’t afford to spend that much – Fatima went above and beyond to find a cheaper shipping option. Even if she hadn’t found an alternative, the thought and effort that went into trying to find the best option would have sold me on paying for the high shipping prices.  She was so kind and helpful and I hope to order a Magic & Mischief box in the future – highly recommend them based on that alone!

Let’s get into this!


As always we start with the box; and what a pretty box it is.  Unfortunately, as we can see, it got a bit bumped around in transit and while I am disappointed the box is dented none of the items were damaged so I’m not too upset.  Obviously this does show that the box isn’t very strong for international transit, but that could also be attributed to a cheaper shipping option so I’m not faulting them here.  The design of the box is really pretty and I love the words on the side! (seen below)

In me you will find, secret worlds of magic, a little bit of mischief, and a whirlwind adventure.



I wasn’t so in love with the theme art for this box but the spoiler card is legible and easy to follow.  I love the packaging on the inside; it’s really pretty!



Okay so for the first actual item we have this stunning double sided artwork featuring the High Lord and ‘High Lady’ of the Winter Court which has been designed by Morgana0anagrom – an artist I have grown in appreciation of over the course of these ACOFAS boxes since she’s been featured quite a bit.  I think these designs are stunning and I’m especially fond of Kallias’ print.  Those eyes…



Next up we have this mug designed by Catarina Book Designs – she designed two other items in this box and she appears to be very talented!  I love the transition of the mug so it isn’t the same all the way around despite it saying the same quote on either side.

Stars flickered around us, sweet darkness sweeping in. As if we were the only souls in a galaxy.

I won’t actually use this mug, at least not in the present while I live at home with my parents, but it’s found a home among the rest of my mug collection.  On my bookshelves holding my precious bookmarks.


(I apologize for the poor quality – it was hard to photograph for some reason?) The second item I pulled out is this incredible art print of the Prythian Courts featuring all seven high lords designed by Diana Dworak.   As amazing as this looks I am worried about not having a use for it or a way to display it – but for now it’ll make an excellent photo prop (I’m gathering a rather large collection).

Don’t let the hard days win.

Next up we have this cushion cover designed by Dorothy Reads – a creator I’m quite fond of.  Featuring a quote by Mor, this cushion cover is a stunning design and I need to find a cushion to put in it so it can be displayed!  I really need to get my own place so all these mugs and cushion covers can be put to use!  Fatima also included a little art print of this design, which I’ve never seen done before but I think I like it.



Next we have this pair of velvet Winter Court inspired socks by That Shoe Lady.  As stunning as these look I can’t help feeling they wouldn’t be all that comfortable to wear especially with shoes on and for a full day.  I’m not sure whether to try them out or put them in my giveaway box; let me know in the comments what I should do, because if I wear them I can’t very well give them away – that would be a bit gross.


What we think to be our greatest weakness can sometimes be our biggest strength.

The second item made by Catarina Book Designs is this awesome t-shirt featuring a quote from A Court of Wings and Ruin.  I haven’t worn this shirt yet but I think the quote and design is really suited for a t-shirt.  It’s not too obvious and it shares a positive message so even people who don’t read or make the connection can appreciate the shirt.


The third and final item by Catarina Book Designs, and the second last item in the box, is this ‘Dreamer’ coaster, which given my recent appreciation for coasters is a wonderful addition.  And again, it’s not obvious but a subtle link to the series so it’s kind of like a hidden Mickey.


The last item in the box, and by far my favourite item, is this magnetic bookmark commissioned by @designsbytheia and designed by @silketara based on the very erotic chapter 55 from A Court of Mist and Fury.  I think this is adorable, and a special ode to that iconic scene in the cabin – I adore it.  It’s my favourite magnetic bookmark and I don’t think anything could much change that opinion.  It’s definitely something I plan on treasuring.

Final Thoughts:

I’m extremely glad I ordered this box, I think if I did pay the higher shipping price I would have been a bit disspointed but I didn’t and so I have more of an appreciation for the items included and the company.  My favourite item is definitely the magnetic bookmark but I also love the t-shirt and I think the mug design is beautiful.  I’m also very glad that there wasn’t a candle or bath item included; since the scents that are brought up a lot in the series tend to be scents I have a reaction too.  Over-all I really enjoyed this box, I find the customer-service spectacular and while I haven’t seen a theme of theirs so far that has caught my interest, I look forward to ordering from Magic & Mischief in the future.



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