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Writing Resource: Male Fantasy Names

This isn’t really a ‘book blog’ thing, but I love names, and I love writing and obviously, writers are usually bookworms so it works.  I will actually be adding to these lists over time so you can save it as a bookmark if you want.  Also, comment your favourite fantasy sounding names in the comments.  And no they are not in really in alphabetical order, just categorized as such.



Atticus – Roman Latin, ‘man of Attica’

Aeneas – Greek, ‘praiseworthy’, Trojan hero of Virgil’s Aeneid


Allard – Germanic origin, ‘noble hardy’

Auden – Old English, ‘old friend’

Audric – French, ‘old/wise ruler’

Aeric – variation of Eric, derived from the Old Norse Eirìkr, ‘eternal ruler’

Alaric – Germanic, ‘everyone’s ruler’

Adriel – Hebrew, ‘God’s flock’, ‘God is helper’

Arariel – Biblical Hebrew, ‘lion of God’

Azrael – Biblical Hebrew, ‘Angel of God’, ‘help from God’, often identified with the Angel of Destruction and Renewal

Aniel – derivative of the English and Indian Anil, ‘air’, ‘wind’

Aeron – Welsh, goddess of war

Azriel – Hebrew, ‘God helps’

Abidan – Hebrew, ‘father of judgment’ or ‘judge’


Bastian – Latin, ‘venerable’

Baltic/Boltic – Medieval Latin Balticus/Balthae, ‘dwellers near the Baltic sea’. North Germanic,  balta, ‘straight’, in reference to the narrow entranceway of the sea

Baul – English, ‘snail’

Brishen – Gypsy, ‘born during a rainstorm’

Bellamy – derived from Old French bel amy, ‘fair friend’, ‘beautiful friend’, which is from the Latin bellus, ‘fair’, ‘beautiful’, amicus ‘friend’

Bram – Irish short form of Abraham, ‘father of many’, ‘father of a multitude’

Boaz – Hebrew, ‘strength is within him’

Barachiel – Hebrew “Bārkiʼēl”,  ‘lightning of God’, one of the seven Archangels in Eastern Orthodox tradition


Cassius – old Roman, possibly derived from the Latin cassus, ‘hollow’, ’empty’

Ciaran – Irish, ‘little dark one’

Calder – Celtic, ‘from the stony river’

Caspian – place name

Colton – English, ‘from the dark town’

Cassiel – Hebrew, ‘speed of God’, Latin name of an archangel in post-biblical Judeo-Christian religion

Cassian – anglicized form of the ancient Roman family name Cassianus, a form of Cassius, ‘hollow’

Cary (Ker-ee) – English, ‘stream’

Caed – Old English variant of Cade, derived from an Old English nickname for something or someone lumpy or rotund

Chael – Derived from the Hebrew mīkhā’ē’l, ‘who is like God?’

Calev – Hebrew, ‘whole hearted’


Demetrius – Greek, ‘earth lover’, ‘of Demeter’ (Demeter is the mythological Greek goddess of the harvest), Latin, ‘of Demeter’


Dashiel – Anglicized form of the old French surname de Chiel, which is of unknown meaning

Dorian – Greek, ‘of Doris’ (a district of Greece); ‘of Doros’ (a legendary Greek hero, founder of the Dorian tribe, the origin of Doros’ name was most likely the Greek work “doron”) meaning ‘gift’; from the Greek “dorios”, ‘child of the sea’

Darion – Greek, ‘gift’

Davion – Modern American variant of David, Hebrew, ‘beloved’

Dakari – African, ‘joyous, happy’

Darash – Hebrew, ‘seek’




Elias – Greek/Hebrew, variant of Elijah, ‘Jehovah is God’

Eiran – derived from the Hebrew “Eran”, ‘watchful’, ‘vigilant’

Eilan – Hebrew, ‘oak tree’

Eitan – Hebrew, ‘firm, strong and long-lived’


Fiske – Scandinavian, ‘fish’



Griffin – Welsh, from a medieval Latinized form “Griffinus”, of the Welsh personal name Gruffudd; English, nickname for a fierce or dangerous person, from Middle English “griffin/gryphon”

Greyson – English, ‘gray-haired’, ‘son of the Gray family’, ‘son of Gregory’


Helion – Anglo-Saxon, ‘herdsman’; derived from the Old English word “helm”, ‘covering’


Isak – Ecclesiastic Greek form of the Hebrew Yitzchak, ‘he will laugh’


Jaisen – Greek, form of Jason, ‘healer’

Jadis – French, ‘long ago, of old’; Persian “jadu”, ‘witch’

Jurian – Medieval German, form of George


Kit – Greek, ‘carrier of Christ’

Knox – Scottish, ’round hill’

Kippling – English surname, place name, Cybbel’s cottage’


Kota – Japanese, happiness’, ‘good fortune’

Koda – Native American, form of Dakota, ‘friend’, ‘ally’


Kallias – Greek, ‘beauty’

Kaim – Dalriadan-Scottish, comes from the given name Ian or John

Kato – Japanese, ‘Fujiwara in Kaga’

Kien – Celtic, ‘ancient one’

Kellan – German/Irish, ‘swamp’, ‘slender’

Kaiser – German, ’emperor’


Leif – Scandinavian, derived from the Old Norse Leifr, ‘heir’, ‘descendant’

Lucian – French, ‘light’

Luca – Ecclesiastic Late Latin, derivative of Lucius from the root ‘lux’/’light’; Ecclesiastic Greek derivative of Loukas, a contraction of Loukanos (man from Lucania)


Matthias – Greek, ‘gift of God’

Marik – Czechoslovakian/Polish, ‘warlike’

Malakai – Hebrew, ‘my messenger’

Malik – Arabic, ‘king’, ‘sovereign’; also a possible variant of Maalik, ‘owner’, ‘possessor’

Malek – Arabic, ‘king’, ‘sovereign’

Maceo – Spanish, ‘gift of God’

Malin – English, ‘little warrior’

Mikeil – Hebrew, Michael, ‘who is like God?’, ‘gift from God’

Macen – English, ‘worker in stone’

Mattias – Northern Europe


Nicodemus – Greek, ‘people’s victory’

Neo – Greek, ‘new’; Tswana, ‘gift’


Orion – Greek, ‘rising in the sky’, ‘dawning’


Phoenix – Greek, a bird that built its own pyre and then was reborn from the ashes

Percival – English, ‘pierces the valley’

Perseus – Greek, ‘to destroy’

Perrin – Greek, ‘rock’




Roark – Irish, ‘famous ruler’

Rhett – Welsh, form of Rhys, ‘ardent’, ‘fiery’

Ronan – Irish, ‘little seal’

Rune – Old Norse, ‘secret’

Rogan – Irish, ‘red-haired’

Reyes – Latin, ‘royal’


Raphael – Hebrew, ‘God is healer’, ‘God has healed’

Raziel – Hebrew, ‘secret of God’


Riden – Anglo-Saxon, place-name Roydon, derived from the Old English elements “rygen”, ‘rye’, and “dun”, ‘hill’

Rowan – Irish/Scottish



Silas – Greek, ‘forest’, ‘woods’


Tobias – Greek version of the Hebrew biblical name “Toviyah”, ‘the goodness of God’

Thorne – English, ‘thorn bush’


Torin – Scottish, ‘from the craggy hills’, could also mean ‘watchtower’

Tiberius – Latin, ‘of the Tiber’

Torian – Scottish, ‘from the craggy hills’, could also mean ‘watchtower’


Tomas – derived from the Aramaic tē’ōma, ‘a twin’

Thanatos – Greek, ‘death’

Theo – Greek, derived from Theos (Θεός), ‘God’

Titus – Roman praenomen, ‘title of honour’

Taren – Welsh, ‘thunder’

Teshi – African, ‘cheerful’, ‘full of laughter’


Urian – Greek, ‘from Heaven’

Ulric – English, ‘wolf ruler’

Uriel – Hebrew, ‘God is my light’


Varian – Latin, ‘fidde’





Zek – Aramaic, variant of the English and Hebrew name Zeke, ‘God strengthens’

Zev – Modern Hebrew, ‘wolf’, derived from German Yiddish “Ze’ev”

Zaire – Portuguese, ‘the river that swallows all rivers’

Zadkiel – Hebrew, ‘righteousness of God’

Zachariel – Hebrew, ‘God’s command’


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